The Pipeworks collection is an ironic interpretation of objects that usually do not draw attention in daily life. Those that are mostly ignored and unnoticed because they are commonly found and become familiar in our lives. One good example is plumbing systems.

          Pipes are considered unattractive and utilitarian, and are often hidden or disguised as much as possible. However, in my collection, I embrace this dismissed object and use it as a means to create jewelry. By transforming these utilitarian elements into precious objects and reinterpreting them in silver, I bring a new perception to these unappreciated industrial structures.

          My designs are playful in the form of modular and interchangeable components that allow the customization of the design. This interaction allows the wearer to become an integral part of the design process and incorporate one’s own personal taste. The customizable pipe systems are complemented with a valve handle, which is the most interactive part of the system, that has been abstracted and simplified into an appealing floral shape. By applying different colors and finishes, the floral forms evoke valve handles in a way that celebrates the relationship between the pipe and the people.

          Through personal and playful interaction with the jewelry, the wearer becomes a designer who contributes to my work that grows over time. The Pipeworks collection is designed to transform the conventions of jewelry design in order to make people enjoy the distraction from the mundane aspects of their lives.